Mobile Keyless Steps

Need a bit help on how to get started? Download the JustIN mobile App to ensure you experience a smooth arrival!

Once you have downloaded the JustIN Mobile App,  follow these easy steps to get your #dashliving kicked off!




Select the country of your mobile phone and register your phone number. This is in order to receive a verification SMS and to verify your number.



Once you have entered in your mobile phone number, you will receive an SMS to validate your phone number. Enter in the code and register your account.



Open the app and ensure your push notification is on. You will have no key available on your account, however will become available on the day of your arrival and when your Site is ready.



When your room and key is ready, a push notification “You have a new key available” will pop up.



Open the app and check your virtual key. Ensure your bluetooth is on. When you are at the door, click on the Green key to engage communication.



Place your smartphone near the door lock reader and Voila!

Not as tech savvy? Visit our Mobile Keyless FAQ to learn more or contact our Dash Guest Services Community team! We are after all, here to help!