Keyless FAQ


*Dash Mobile Keyless Service is only available in certain Suites.

What is Dash Mobile Keyless and JustIN Mobile?
Dash Serviced Suites partnered with Salto Systems, brings and delivers superior guest experience to our Dash Community Guest allowing their smartphone to become their room key. Start unlocking your door by downloading “JustIN Mobile” app on iOS and Android platforms and go #dashliving!

When will my key be available?
Key access will only be activated on the day of your arrival and when your room is ready for check-in. Standard check in time is at 15:00hrs Hong Kong local time. You will receive a notification from JustIN Mobile when your Suite key is ready*. Please ensure you check the validity of your room key.
*Data connection to your smartphone must be enabled to receive your virtual key
*Please ensure you enable push notification on your smartphone.

How do I get my keyless access?
Dash Community Guest must download the “JustIN Mobile” app and register their phone number in order for the Dash Community Guest Services to provide the keyless access. Please ensure you download the App within 5 days of your arrival to ensure a smooth experience. Our Guest Services Community Team will send your digital key within 48 hours of your arrival date.

What mobile device settings are required for Dash Mobile Keyless?
1. Push notifications must be enabled
2. Bluetooth must be on in order to communicate between phone & door lock
3. Airplane mode must be off

How do I unlock my door using Dash Keyless?
Just open the app and place your smartphone near the door lock. Bluetooth must be enabled.

How does it work?
JustIN Mobile employs Bluetooth Low Energy for communication between the smartphone and electronic locks. The mobile key is sent Over the Air from our system to JustIN Mobile app at the registered and verified smartphone.  All data transmission and the mobile key itself are encrypted and secured against cloning.

I don’t have a smartphone. How do I access my room?
Please contact our Dash Community Team ahead of time to arrange the collection of your Room Key Card for your arrival.

I don’t have a local phone number. Will international phone number work?
Yes, any smartphone compatible with JustIN Mobile app and a verified smartphone is compatible to operate the Dash Mobile Keyless.

If I change my phone number on my existing phone, will that effect anything?
The application will notice the change in number and a verification process will be promoted in order to setup your new phone number. When changing your sim card and if a new phone number is in use, do let the Dash Guest Services Community team know to update your record.

If the application is uninstalled, the information of verification process will be permanently erased so that the next time the user installs the application, the whole process of issuing your digital room key will need to take place.

Do I need internet access?
Internet/Data access is not necessary when you want to gain access to your room. However, Internet/Data connection during the initial installation phase and to receive your key on the day of your arrival is necessary.

Am staying longer, but my key shows “Expired”?
Digital Keyless requires data update every 7 days. Ensure your data connection is ON or your smartphone is connected to WIFI. Open the app and from your key list, update your digital key by swiping from top to bottom on your screen.

If I don’t want to use the digital key option on my smartphone, can I get a traditional key card?
Yes. We provide RFID key card per registered guest per room, available inside your “Starter Pack”. Be sure to peek inside and read all about our services & offer from Dash Serviced Suites, made available in your room on your day of arrival.

I have a friend / family member visiting and need to get access for them. How can I do that?
Reach out to our Community Guest Services team to provide a mobile keyless option or an extra RFID card.

What happens to the digital key once I check out?
The digital key will automatically expire at the standard check out time at 12:00 noon time or subject to the departure arrangements.

I extended my stay. How do I update my key? 
Your digital key will automatically receive updates (if data connection is active) within 10 minutes from our server and will reflect the changes in the App. To manually update your key, you can also swipe from top to bottom on your screen. For RFID Key Cards, Community Team will arrange a delivery, if the RFID key card is requested.

Is it compatible with Apple Watch / Samsung Gear?
At this time, this option is currently not available, but stay tuned!

Will all mobile devices and smartphones work with Dash Mobile Keyless?
The following devices are compatible with Dash Mobile Keyless:

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Requires Android 4.3 and up. Compatible with Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony, LG & more.

If I get a red light on my door lock, what does that mean?
Red light is a no no, meaning the door lock is denying you access. Please ensure you are at the correct door of opening or that your arrival time is after 15:00hrs or contact our Dash Guest Services Community  team for assistance.

If I get four red lights on my door lock, what does that mean?
Four consecutive red lights means that the door lock battery is running low, however will still operate and open to the authorized guest. Please share this information with our Dash Guest Services Community Team to have the battery replaced.